Code of Conduct



  1. All students are expected to show respectful behavior towards teachers and senior students in college, hospital and in hostel.
    1. Students should be punctual for the college, as well as in clinical.
    2. Students should wear complete uniform with all pocket articles and immaculate at all time, while on clinical.
    3. Students should be decently dressed up while on clinical posting.
    4. Nail should be cut short and no nail polish should be applied during clinical posting.
    5. Students should not be absent by herself from clinical posting /class for any reason without prior permission from the principal/ teachers.
    6. Student should wear proper dresses (Capri’s, slippers, middies above knee, deep neck, sleeveless, tight tops are not allowed) & footwear in the college.


  1. Rooms should be clean and tidy at all times.
  2. The floor in charge is responsible for the cleanliness of the rooms and corridors of the hostel.
  3. All students including,, and should close the taps (even 24hr water supply taps) before leaving their room/common floor bathrooms.

Roll call

  1. Roll call will be taken every Saturday (6 pm) Sunday (6 pm).
  2. Roll call will be taken by Teacher/ Head girls and Post holders.
  3. All students should reach on time.


  1. An outing pass will be given on all Saturdays to all batches.
  2. Students should reach on time.
  3. Proper entry should be done on the register before and after the outing.


  1. L.G passes is given once a month on Sunday.
  2. Student should reach hostel by 6pm after L.G pass.
  • Night passes will be given every week from Saturday after 1pm to Sunday till 6pm.
  • Temple and church pass are till 6pm on Sunday.
  • Students going for outing must properly mention their full details in the outing register and night pass registers in their own writing (i.e name, relation and address of the place, departure / arrival time and signature) which is kept in the warden office.

Visiting hours

  1. Students are required to bring letter from their guardian/parents stating the name and photographs of visitor along with their relationship that they are permitted to visit records of these will be kept in the hostel and personal file of the student for verification.
  2. Visitors have to enter their name, address and relation with students in the visitor’s register during their visit.

Visiting timings are as follows: Saturday: 2pm -6pm Sunday: 9am – 6pm

  • Visitors are not allowed to meet the students in weekdays. In case of any emergency, get permission.
  • Visiting register should be maintained properly


  1. Students should not take medicine on their own. In case of minor problems, students should consult their respective health in charge.
  2. Doses prescribed by the physician should be taken completely.
  3. OPD register should be maintained by the health in charges
  4. All the students should use mosquito repellent or nets.
  5. Ward uniforms and shoes should be kept outside the room in the corridors, balcony or area provided.
  6. All must strictly wear sweaters and socks in winter.


1.      Meal timing:-

  • Breakfast: 7 am to 9 am
    • Lunch :12noon to 2pm
    • Dinner :6:00pm to 8pm
  • Hairs must be tied up before entering the mess.
  • Food should not be wasted. However, any small amount of food should be discarded in the buckets.
  • Table manners should be followed i.e. specifically should not make noise while eating and replacing chairs etc.
  • Meals should be taken in the mess hall only; food can be taken in the room with permission in case of illness.
  • No cooking should be done in the rooms. No electrical appliance be used on light points.
  • Shouting and loud talking is strictly prohibited.
  • A proper queue should be maintained to get the food.
  • Students should not enter mess with ward shoes.
  • Students should maintain a proper code of conduct while in the mess hall. Students should not skip meals.


  1. Each room should have one dustbin which should be emptied every morning in the main dustbin ,
  2. Evening walk is permitted till 9pm.
  3. Students should wear proper dresses in the hostel.
  4. T.V timing is from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
  5. No mobile phones are allowed to be kept by the student, if found strict disciplinary action will be taken.
  6. Any damage to the hostel property should be reported immediately to the hostel in charge.
  7. Surprise room checking will be done by the teachers [senior].
  8. Students are advised to lock their valuables like money, jewelry etc in their respective cupboards. Hostel management won’t be responsible for any loss.
  • No one is permitted to change their room or sleep in others’ rooms/others’ beds.
  • Students are not allowed to meet other batches, teachers after 10 pm (not allowed to go seniors’ room).
  • Students are not allowed to sit in the teacher’s room. Students should go to bed by 11 pm.
  • They are expected to make their own bed, room tidy before going on class/posting. They must lock their room whenever they go out, the duplicate key should be given to the warden whenever they proceed on vacation.
  • Rooms once allotted will not be changed without any genuine reason.No interaction with bond staff on weekdays
  • Prior permission should be taken from the post holders before interacting with other batches.
  • All batches should follow the line of authority.
  • The students are at liberty to come to the tutor/principal/ counselors for any problem, difficulties such as studies, health, and personal problems.
  • Nursing students are responsible for the safe custody and good condition of the colleges, hostel, and hospital property that is entrusted to their care. Carelessness involving loss or damage of valuable college/ hospital property should be reported to the principal.
  • Nursing students will have to apply themselves wholeheartedly and diligently to their studies and duties. During the period of their training, they will be liable for dismissal from training by the management for misconduct or breach of the discipline of breaking of rules and regulations prescribed for students and college from time to time or for willful negligence of their studies resulting in repeated failure.

Note: ADMISSION OPEN 2022 for B.Sc.(N), M.Sc.(N) and P.B.B.Sc.(N)