IQAC Mechanism

Internal Quality Assurance Mechanism


Choithram College of Nursing is committed to practice global standards of excellence in all its endeavors namely teaching, research, consultancy and leadership and to remain accountable at our core to serve society, through processes of collaboration function, self – evaluation and continuous improvement.


In pursuit of its mission Choithram College of Nursing will:-

  • Develop skilled human resources to serve the nation.
  • Create a scientific culture of humanitarian as well as evidence based practice.
  • Recognize teaching as a unifying activity with a spiritual touch.
  • Inculcate willingness to apply innovative teaching methodology.

The institute wishes to assure quality learning, teaching, research, research training and service delivery through a regular review and improvement process. The institutional aim is to provide a stimulating and innovative environment for learning and teaching, student experience, research and innovation, community and alumni engagement, and to enhance staff, infrastructure and organizational capabilities. Its approach to quality assurance and continuous improvement is to learn from best practice, and benchmark against leading educational institute.

The aim of the institution quality assurance policy is to enhance the effectiveness of its core activities of learning and teaching, research and innovation, student experience and community engagement and outreach.

The Quality Policy is applied to Institute, Faculties Departments and academic, administrative and support staff at the college through:

  1. Internal quality assurance mechanism –continuous
  2. External quality assurancemechanisms-periodic

Internal quality assurance mechanism

Based on the prescribed guidelines, mechanism shall be coherent with quality assurance framework set forth in this policy and approved by the IQAC, to evaluate the quality of teaching Programmes and courses, academic staff, teaching and learning experience, student assessment, internal moderation, support services, resources and facilities, and research and programme review processes.

External quality assurance mechanisms

In order to ensure that high quality standard is maintained in the institute, periodic assessment of quality shall be arranged by such external agencies, as NAAC or any other agency suggested by the Government of India from time to time.

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