The College is a community in which a large number of people live together. It is therefore essential that all members have due regard for the rights of others. The discipline committee looks after the disciplinary matters and problems arising from a breach of the College rules. The College rules are intended to help preserve a happy and harmonious atmosphere for all those living and working in the College.


The students should fulfill the minimum required attendance for every programme both theory and practical. Students failing to meet this prerequisite will not be eligible for certification at the end of the programmes.


Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden by law. The students should not be found involved in ragging.


To regulate discipline and uphold decorum, a prescribed dress code is to be observed by students. No eatables are allowed inside the labs. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the college area.


The student should reach college in time and attend the lecture as per the time table given to them. The student should complete all the assignment as per scheduled.


Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that befits the image and standing of the institution.

Note: ADMISSION OPEN 2022 for B.Sc.(N), M.Sc.(N) and P.B.B.Sc.(N)